Active ageingVoluntary work by older people in Europe

Active ageingVoluntary work by older people in Europe

Andrea Principi, Per H. Jensen, and Giovanni Lamura

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9781447307204

Publisher: Policy Press


‘Active ageing’ has become a key phrase in discourses about challenges and remedies for demographic ageing and the enrolment of older adults into voluntary work is an important dimension of it. The pattern and factors conditioning volunteering among older people has so far been an under-researched topic in Europe and this is the first book to study volunteering among older people comparatively and comprehensively. In this topical book older people's volunteering is studied comparatively in eight European countries representing different kinds of welfare regimes, at the structural, macro, meso and micro levels. Overall it highlights how different interactions between the levels facilitate or hinder older people's inclusion in voluntary work and makes policy suggestions for an integrated strategy. This book provides important new insights for academics and students interested in ageing societies, active ageing and voluntary work. It will also be of great value for policy makers and practitioner in third sector, older volunteers and voluntary organisations.

Table of Contents

Part I Realising Volunteering by Older People in Europe: An Overarching Approach

TWO Volunteering in Older Age: A Conceptual and Analytical Framework

Per H. Jensen, Giovanni Lamura and Andrea Principi

Part II Opportunities and Restrictions for Older Volunteers: National Experiences

THREE Older Volunteers in Italy: An Underestimated Phenomenon?

Andrea Principi, Carlos Chiatti and Giovanni Lamura

FIVE Older Volunteers in Germany: Opportunities and Restrictions in the Welfare Mix

Paula Aleksandrowicz, Doris Bockermann and Frerich Frerichs

SIX Older Volunteers in England: Towards Greater Flexibility and Inclusiveness?

Robert Lindley, Beate Baldauf, Sheila Galloway and Yuxin Li

Part III Opportunities and Restrictions for Older Volunteers: Case Studies in European Voluntary Organisations

Part IV Conclusions

Fourteen Conclusions: Enhancing Volunteering by Older People in Europe

Andrea Principi, Giovanni Lamura and Per H. Jensen

End Matter