After Urban RegenerationCommunities, policy and place

After Urban RegenerationCommunities, policy and place

Peter Matthews

Print publication date: 2016

ISBN: 9781447324157

Publisher: Policy Press


After Urban Regeneration is a comprehensive study of contemporary trends in urban policy and planning. Leading scholars come together to create a key contribution to the literature on gentrification, with a focus on the history and theory of community in urban policy. Engaging with debates as to how urban policy has changed, and continues to change, following the financial crash of 2008, the book provides an essential antidote to those who claim that culture and society can replicate the role of the state. Based on research from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Connected Communities programme and with a unique set of case studies drawing on artistic and cultural community work. The book sets out the argument that post-2010, UK urban policy has ended what was termed “regeneration” policy. In the current context, driven further after May 2015, communities, towns and cities are left to fend for themselves. The book concludes by arguing the role of the university in its relationship with urban communities also has to change with this context. The resources of universities can help local communities better understand the challenges they face and possible solutions.

Table of Contents

One Introduction

Peter Matthews and Dave O’Brien

Part One After regeneration?

Four When things fall apart

Sue Cohen and Morag McDermont

Part Two Exploring epistemologies

Seven “There is no local here, love”1

Rebecca Bernstein, Antonia Layard, Martin Maudsley and Hilary Ramsden

Part Three New places for communities

Part Four New spaces for policy

Eleven Localism, neighbourhood planning and community control: the MapLocal pilot

Phil Jones, Antonia Layard, Colin Lorne and Chris Speed

Twelve Translation across borders: exploring the use, relevance and impact of academic research in the policy process

Steve Connelly, Dave Vanderhoven, Catherine Durose, Liz Richardson, Peter Matthews and Robert Rutherfoord

Thirteen Conclusion

Dave O’Brien and Peter Matthews

End Matter