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Social equity and siting affordable housing in shrinking cities

Social equity and siting affordable housing in shrinking cities

(p.1) 1 Social equity and siting affordable housing in shrinking cities
Affordable Housing in US Shrinking Cities
Robert Mark SilvermanKelly L. PattersonLi YinMolly RanahanLaiyun Wu
Policy Press

This chapter provides an overview of issues concerning social equity in the siting of affordable housing in US shrinking cities. It begins with a discussion of US shrinking cities in the context of globalization. This discussion highlights how the sustained decline of older industrial cities in the US is the by-product of their increased integration into the global economy. After establishing this foundation, the chapter turns to a discussion of the shift from an urban growth paradigm to one based on rightsizing in US shrinking cities. This discussion argues that globalization has led to the replacement of urban growth regimes in shrinking cities with rightsizing regimes led by hospitals, universities, and other non-profit anchor institutions. The chapter then examines emerging equity issues associated with rightsizing in US shrinking cities. There is a specific focus on the implications of rightsizing for minority and low-income residents of inner-city neighbourhoods. This discussion identifies the preservation and development of affordable housing as a linchpin for equitable anchor-based urban revitalization. In addition to identifying the provision of affordable housing as an essential ingredient in equitable anchor-based strategies, emerging tools for siting affordable housing are examined.

Keywords:   anchor institutions, rightsizing, shrinking cities

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