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Present-day Pittsburgh

Present-day Pittsburgh

(p.97) 5 Present-day Pittsburgh
Affordable Housing in US Shrinking Cities
Robert Mark SilvermanKelly L. PattersonLi YinMolly RanahanLaiyun Wu
Policy Press

This chapter examines core city revitalization strategies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It begins with a discussion of the structural causes of the city’s population decline, highlighting how deindustrialization and the decentralization of the steel industry formed the preconditions uneven development and sustained core city shrinking. After describing regional population and housing characteristics, the chapter examines conditions in areas of Pittsburgh where downtown revitalization and anchor-based revitalization strategies have been adopted. The neighborhood characteristics where anchor-based strategies have been adopted are contrasted with the rest of the city. This analysis includes an examination of the composition of HUD subsidized housing in areas slated for revitalization. This analysis provides insights into the degree to which the preservation and expansion of affordable housing was factored into anchor-based revitalization strategies. In the chapter’s final section, the degree to which these strategies are equitable and scalability is explored.

Keywords:   pittsburgh, downtown revitalization, affordable housing

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