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Lessons learned and recommendations for siting affordable housing

Lessons learned and recommendations for siting affordable housing

(p.147) 7 Lessons learned and recommendations for siting affordable housing
Affordable Housing in US Shrinking Cities
Robert Mark SilvermanKelly L. PattersonLi YinMolly RanahanLaiyun Wu
Policy Press

This chapter begins with a synopsis of lessons learned from the case studies examined in chapters two through six. This discussion focuses on identifying commonalities across the case studies with a particular emphasis on the relationship between emerging eds and meds strategies for urban revitalization and the need to link the retention and expansion of affordable housing to them. From that synopsis, the parameters of an equity-based model for siting affordable housing in neighbourhoods of opportunity are outlined and recommendations are made for applying such a model to advocate for fair and affordable housing policies. A core tenet of those recommendations is the need to make siting tools accessible to community-based groups through the use of public, open source data and appropriate technologies. The chapter concludes with a discussion of affordable housing issues in a broader context. Lessons from the analysis of shrinking cities are applied to US cities more generally, in order to outline an agenda for affordable housing policy that takes issues of redistribution and equity planning into consideration.

Keywords:   equity base siting, urban revitalization, affordable housing

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