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Patterns of exclusion/inclusion and people’s strategies

Patterns of exclusion/inclusion and people’s strategies

(p.136) (p.137) Six Patterns of exclusion/inclusion and people’s strategies
Active social policies in the EU
Iver Hornemann MøllerPedro Hespanha
Policy Press

This chapter begins by differentiating five major systems — work, income/consumption, the social network, the cultural system and the political system. It then further explores its different subsystems by examining how far can one predict a person's position within other subsystems from her/his position within one specific subsystem. Theories are tested by empirical data, upon which new hypotheses are being formulated. The empirical analyses is first of all based on the INPART data; other observations, however, when they can shed new light on the INPART observations or give them a broader perspective are also referred to. This chapter examines the patterns of inclusion and exclusion. It also elaborates on the issue and focus on the different strategies every person applies to attain her/his personal preferences for inclusion, exclusion and marginalisation.

Keywords:   work, income/consumption, social network, cultural system, political system, INPART, inclusion, exclusion, marginalisation, personal preferences

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